Tuesday, October 21, 2008

simple pleasures, installment 2

i have been lazy about my blog this last week. to be honest, i have been super 'blue' lately which is why i wanted to try to notice and take pleasure in the 'simple pleasures' in life day-to-day. sometimes i let life get away from me and i stop taking the time to enjoy what is going on around me. rest assured, even though i haven't blogged my simple pleasures lately i have still had my eye out.
picking up where i left off : )
saturday 10/10: making yummy, very spicy salsa
sunday:lunch w/ becky at the olive garden
monday:maggie was so incredibly happy i could have sworn her tail was going to fly off her backside
tuesday:beautiful watercolor sunrise
wednesday:i got 4 free compact fluorescent lightbulbs at work
thursday:i watched the office and snl with friends
friday:i wore jeans to work (i do every friday, but it is always a treat)
saturday:mom and i took maggie to the new dog park, the weather and the park were great
sunday:went shopping with mom for new bedroom d├ęcor
monday:bible study at the martens - we had good laughs there at the end : )
tuesday:i wore my favorite scarf

there you have it! i encourage you to keep a log for a while of these small things that make you smile. don't just keep looking at forests, keep your eyes open for the trees : )

Friday, October 10, 2008

simple pleasures

so wednesday i posted about my love of my sweatshirt. this prompted me to think about the simple pleasures in life. it is my goal for the next two weeks to find one simple thing every day to be happy about or cheered up by.

wednesday: my hoosier sweatshirt
thursday: i saw two deer crossing lake road
friday: the word snow was said for the first time since last winter

i will keep you all updated and on the edge of your seats...i wonder what tomorrow will bring?? : )

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

yippie for today

i put on my favorite sweatshirt just now. i will compose a poem about it for you all:

hoosier sweatshirt, so red and so soft
you make me feel cozy with your downy loft

not too big, and not too small

i would wear you all day, even to the mall

there you have it. i love fall, i love my sweatshirt, i love today because of them both.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

tagged by sam

10 years ago.....
1.) i was 18
2.) i had just graduated from high school
3.) i was driving a 1991 Ford Crown Victoria
4.) i got my first job
5.) i moved to jackson michigan and went to bible school there

5 Things on my "to do list" today.....
1.) take a shower
2.) go shopping with my mom
3.) clean the kitchen
4.) laundry
5.) drink some coffee...the headache is coming on

5 Snacks I enjoy.....
1.) chips and my homemade Guacamole.
2.) yogurt
3.) coffee
4.) chips
5.) croutons

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire.....
1.) pay off my parent's house
2.) buy a house
3.) buy a honda pilot
4.) buy a baby
5.) give money to pregnancy resource center and charis counseling services

5 Places I have lived.....only 5? : )
1.) vancouver
2.) escondido, ca
3.) fresno, ca
4.) visalia, ca
5.) peru, in
...6.) jackson, mi

5 Jobs I have had.....
1.) customer service - u.l., jc penney, craft warehouse
2.) barista, shift supervisor, asm - starbucks
3.) youth ministries intern
4.) barista
5.) barista