Sunday, February 15, 2009

when did i become a fuddy duddy?

today at church (which was awesome by the way) there was a teenage boy sitting 3 rows in front of me. not only did he chew gum the entire time which i tend to think could only be very distracting for him during worship, but he was wearing a baseball cap. when i was a teenager i didn't like that people judged my peers for wearing hats to church. 'it's the heart that matters, not the appearance or dress'. today that changed. i was VERY bothered that this kid was wearing a hat and that his parents didn't make him take it off. i felt like asking him if he had a medical condition that required him to wear the hat and disrespect his worship. i figured that would be out of line, afterall, it IS the heart that the Lord looks at and i just need to get over myself. good lesson to re-learn.

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adam said...

I tend to lean towards the direction that those people are there to help teach me a lesson.