Tuesday, June 23, 2009

on my mind

i always have a lot on my mind. usually i can't focus on the task at hand until i have written out my thoughts or developed my plan of action. a sampling of my brain today:

-i don't think i'm getting enough sleep
-i really need to clean the kitchen
-can't wait till this weekend to remodel the bathroom
-hope everything goes well with the bathroom and we get everything done
-i really want starbucks but am trying not to spend money on it
-my schedule is filling up with doctors appointments
-how much is all the medical testing going to cost
-should i take doula training sooner or later
-the thought of birth makes me nervous
-if the thought of birth makes me nervous should i really be pursuing this field of work
-why do people claim that their divorce is for the good of their children
-why does everything at wendy's have meat on it...even the side caesar salad
-i am thankful for parents who were big enough to face their problems and not divorce
-i envy my girlfriends that are stay at home moms
-how can parents be so selfish as to not consider their children's well-being in every decision
-how are there sickos in the world who would prey on my friends children
-if i had a house with acreage i would have goats, alpacas, chickens and a no-kill dog rescue

i am so thankful to have a God who knows all my thoughts, worries, heartaches and joys. there is nothing that enters my mind or heart that He cannot see, cannot heal, cannot calm or cannot bless.

"why are you downcast, oh my soul? why are you so disturbed within me? put your hope in God, for i will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God" psalm 42:5

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Samantha said...

Great idea for a post! It is so sad, it seems like people all around me are divorcing or cheating on their spouses. And yes, they ALWAYS say it is for the good of the kids. =( Just once I'd like someone to be truthful "yeah, this is going to be really damaging to my kids, but it is what I want to do."