Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a new leaf

regardless of your flavor of politics, inauguration day should be a hopeful day. having a new president and all that he brings with him is a chance for our country to come and experience something new...TOGETHER. no one knows exactly what the future holds. not democrats. not republicans. not independents either. i hope that the people in this country who are not 'for' our new president can get over their reasons for not liking him and be positive about the opportunity for a fresh, new perspective. i have not always been in favor of President Obama, but pastor john bishop put it in perspective for me a few months ago. he stated that as Christians we know (because the Bible tells us so) that God is in control and that no matter who gets elected to the White House, they are carrying out His will.
there are a lot of celebrities and whatnot out there who are taking a pledge to serve the president and his causes during his term. why this hasn't happened before is beyond me...personally i think it's a bunch of hype. HOWEVER. today i am making my own pledge. i have a tendency to be very judgemental (as if i could run the country any better??) and very partisan. starting today i am hoping to change my mindset about our government and be more positive and supportive. i would like to challenge all of you to make your own pledge regarding this presidency and how you are going to support it or try to be positive about it. being negative, nagging, whiney and otherwise a 'downer' is not productive. we are AMERICANS and we are all in this together. let's act like grown-ups and get over our differences and serve our God by serving, willfully and cheerfully submitting to, and honoring our new government.
i will speak constructively about our government
i will see President Obama as the man God has placed as the head of our human government in the USA
i will make my voice heard on subjects i am passionate about by voting and writing constructive letters to those in power...not by whining and berating

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Becky said...

Well said!

(but if it came down to it - I would vote for you for President ;o) )